The Master Key System
by Charles F. Hannel (1912)


The Master Key System - An Introduction by Helmar Rudolph

Know The Full Story!

The Master Key System was given credit in the back of Rhonda Byrne's The Secret.  The Science of Getting Rich and The Master Key System are the foundation of The Secret.

Charles F Haanel (1866-1949) 
Regarded by many as the 'Father of Personal Development'. 

  He wrote about 'the secret' over a hundred years before 'The Secret'.

It's hardly surprising that a movie called The Secret  was shrouded in so much secrecy before it was released, and if you look closely at the original trailer you'll notice the face of Charles Haanel and also that the storyline is a description of some of the mystery and mystique concerning The Master Key System.

If you haven't seen the movie yet watch it as soon as you can.  We have the whole range of
The Secret products available here if you haven't been fortunate enough to have purchased a copy yet.  It's exceptionally inspirational, and was inspired by two books...The Master Key System and The Science of Getting Rich. You will find the unabridged copies of these books available here as well.

Charles F. Haanel  was an eminent American businessman who, having built one of the largest companies in the world at that time, authored several books sharing his life and business success philosophy and techniques.

His first work The Master Key System, written sometime between 1909 and 1912, was a 24 part course delivered to readers over 24 weeks. 

His students were the most prominent businessmen of that era and his course reportedly sold for US$1,500.00, which at the time was equivalent to two years’ salary for the average worker!

Fable has it that the businessmen who studied his course all became extremely wealthy and petitioned Haanel not to release the course to the general public, lest they might also make use of its powerful secrets.

However, Haanel did eventually make the course available to the general public in the form of a book which was published in 1919.

The book reportedly sold over 200,000 copies before supposedly being banned by the church in 1933. When you read the book you will instantly understand why it had the Church Hierarchy worried and in fear of losing their religious, and highly lucrative monopoly on "God and all matters Spiritual"

At that point the book seems to have disappeared from records, although a handful of the 200,000 original copies are probably still in existence.

His other books were Mental Chemistry (1922), The New Psychology (1924), A Book about You (1928) and The Amazing Secrets of The Yogi (1937). There were several other papers of his found over the years and more recently published as the Master Key Arcana.

The "Think and Grow Rich" Connection

Charles Haanel's philosophies are found almost everywhere you turn and probably one of the better known proponents of his success teachings is none other than Napoleon Hill, author of  Think and Grow Rich.

Fast forward to the modern era...

The old adage that you can't put a good book down seems to ring true in this case.

Again, surrounded by mystery and mystique, the book seems to have resurfaced in the late 1970's and early 1980's in either its original letter form or in the book form.

Rumor has it that whilst at Harvard, Bill Gates got hold of a copy of The Master Key System and was so influenced by its transformational power that he dropped out of university and followed his dream to put a computer on every desk and more recently in every home. 

Despite the fact that this book was so very powerful and seemed to have a life of it's own, it still remained in only a very few private hands until just on the turn of the millennium.

This time the book morphed into digital format and surfaced in cyber space.

Despite the fact that it is now available on a handful of web sites and also in paperback copy, this is one of the very few web sites where you can find it in Audio Book format with the entire collection including the Handbook.

Could Charles Haanel have possibly known when he wrote The Master Key System, that it would have such a powerful, positive and lasting impact on so many lives, over such a period of time?

 Everything is covered in The Master Key System from how to get wealthy to how to stay healthy and happy. All of the principles of a truly successful life are covered here.



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